Terms & Conditions

Company and website policy

Shipping policy

  • Registered airmail (15-30 business days Australia: 21-24 business days) –FREE delivered by your postal service. Provides tracking number, recipient signature required.
  • Express shipping-2-4 buisness days.- $39
  • Free express shipping for purchases over $79
  • The order leaves the studio no longer than 4 business days after it was made
  • Deliveries abroad are subject to customs or VAT, according to the country’s laws. These costs will be the under customer’s responsibility

Return and refund policy

  • You can exchange products purchased through the website up to a day after receiving the item The exchange will be done via return mail, as long as it was not used and against a receipt or a gift receipt
  • The replacement item will be delivered to the customer through registered mail, with no extra charges.
    Any item can be refunded in exchange for the return of the item up to two weeks following its receipt, in accordance with the provisions of the Customer Protection Law.
  • The shipping costs shall not be refunded, nor credited.
  • The item should be sent by registered mail to the Hagar Satat studio, HaHashmal 8, Tel Aviv. The shipping cost will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • Custom fitted items cannot be replaced, nor refunded.

Warranty and repairs

  • The jewelry is designed and manufactured in Israel and are coated with 24 karat gold or silver with a matte finish.
  • The jewelry undergoes a strict quality control process.
  • All jewelry has a one-year warranty from the day of the purchase. (With the exception of items purchased at a discount of 70%)
  • If a repair is necessary during the warranty period, the item should be sent to the studio on HaHashmal st. 8 via registered mail along with the relevant invoice (the shipping costs will be the customer’s responsibility) or brought to one of the Hagar Satat branches located either at 37 Bazel St. or HaTachana Compound in Tel Aviv.
  • If a piece of jewelry needs to be repaired outside of the warranty period, it should be sent to the studio at 8 HaHashmal St., Tel Aviv through registered mail; (the shipping costs will be the the customer’s responsibility).

Correct use of the jewelry

  • To maintain the jewelry and its coating long term, one should avoid wearing it while bathing or exercising.
  • One should also avoid having the jewelry make contact with perfumes, creams, hair products or other care products.
  • The jewelry should be kept in a dry area.

       For further questions you can contact the studio by phone: +972-3-5606095.

Privacy Policy

  • The purpose of this policy is to explain the practices of the company with respect to the users’ privacy on the websites, and how the company uses the information provided by the users on the website or collected by the company while the site is being used. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, defined terms will carry the meaning given to them in the terms of use.
  • Your personal details (including email address) and/or personal information and/or identification details (hereinafter: “personal information”) which the company receives from you when you order, are used for the purpose of purchasing wanted products and their receipt without any mistakes and/or errors which will prevent you from receiving the items ordered and purchased by you.
  • Personal information, as well as information about any purchases on the website (hereinafter “information”), will be saved in the database of the site in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Act – 1981, and will be used according to the provisions of this section and/or according to the provisions of the law.
    The company goes to great lengths in order to protect the integrity of the information and the information’s security against access by third parties. Information is compiled and stored confidentially in a secured environment – the company uses a combination of security technologies, including site protection through encryption technologies, security protocols, and other organizational means in order to protect the information from being accesses and/or used and/or disclosed to unauthorized parties within the company and/or third parties according to the Agreement and/or the law.
  • In addition, as described in the terms of service, the credit card payment for purchases made through the website is done through a payment service provider and the company does not retain credit card information provided by users of the website in its own servers.
  • Some of the uses on the site and/or the services provided on the website require registration which will require you to disclose personal details, but without taking away from the generality of the provisions stated above, such as your full name and email address (hereinafter “registration”). Therefore, you hereby declare that the personal information which is submitted to the company during registration is provided voluntarily and with your consent.
  • The company may occasionally send you E-mail advertisements in accordance with the provisions of the communications law (Bezeq and broadcasting) (amendment No. 40) law, of 2008 (the “spam law”). The company may use the information you disclose on the website – as well as information collected about the use patterns of the site – for the purpose of improving the services of the site and/or any other form of service it offers, to contact you in case of need in accordance with the provisions of the spam law, or for analysis and submission of statistical information to third parties. Such third parties and/or their employees and/or their representatives are forbidden from using said personal information for any purpose other than that explicitly stated in this section above.
  • In cases that are not under control and/or arise from outside forces, the company shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the customer or any of their representatives, and the same goes for information which is lost or gets into the hands of hostile individuals and/or will be used without authorization.

The Liability of the Company

The company and/or the site administration and/or their representatives will not be responsible for and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages, caused to the user and/or site surfer and/or the customer and/or any third parties, resulting from your use of, or purchases made through, the site, outside of the provisions detailed in this agreement – whatever the damages may be – including loss of income and/or the prevention of profit caused for any reason whatsoever, in which case the company reserves the right to cancel the specific order to the.

If there has been a mistake in the item description on the company’s website, that will not be binding in relation to the company and/or the site administration.

Pictures of the items on the website are for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site, in part or in full, and the items sold in practice.

In any case, the company will not be liable for any costs exceeding the value of the product acquired, as well as any damages that are indirect and/or consequential.

The company is not responsible for uses made by the customer not in accordance with the manufacturer’s and/or the company’s instructions.

The website administration will not be liable for delays in item supply as a result of events beyond its control, such as errors, delays, strikes, natural disasters, and computer system or phone system breakdowns, which will disrupt the completion of the purchasing process, or failures in the email service, with that said the site administration will do everything in its power to provide the customers with quality products on the date requested.

If the customer believes that the products purchased through the site or services are defective in some way, you are welcome to contact the company’s customer service by phone at +972-3-5606095 or by e-mail: shiris.hagarsatat@gmail.com, and the website administration staff will take care of the application as early as possible.